Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems are a combination of photovoltaic (PV) with wind turbines. Power generated by the PV sets is stored in the battery bank through an energy manager, which in turn exercises control over the complete system.

It combines three different technologies in such a way that the aggregate system output is greater than those produced by the components individually. Belkom Solutions hybrid system make optimal use of sunlight and wind energy. The resultant thus offers amazingly functioning hybrid systems with substantially lower costs. It is ideal for installation in remote areas, electrifying complete regions with great efficiency and success!

Belkom Solution is well equipped to offer reliable off-grid and hybrid solutions for all our customers. Our engineers are well versed in the use of latest technology and effectively formulate energy solutions for telecom connectivity and various rural electrification projects.

Our Solar Hybrid Systems are the most efficient renewable energy solutions in market, and provide our customers the convenience with easy management of finances due to its lower costs.

You can contact our teams for further information relating to prices, installation and performance of our hybrid solar solutions, and relieve your worries.