Solar Pumping Systems

Solar pumping systems are often considered for use in livestock and other remote watering applications instead of other forms of alternative energy because they are durable, can be mobile, and exhibit long-term economic benefits. Generally, alternative power is considered most feasible when the cost of tapping into the closest public power grid far outweighs the costs of using alternative power. There are several technology alternatives for supplying power, or lift, to groundwater systems including: wind turbines, windmills, generators, and solar arrays. The driving factors for selecting the appropriate technology are regional feasibility, water demand, system efficiencies, and initial and long-term costs.


Solar Pumping systems ensure stable operation.
Highly intelligent power management module ensures high reliability and up to 98% conversion efficiency.
Water-level detection and control circuit options available
The system requires external battery for backup during low sun light.
Additional installed (KWH) meter to check how much energy consume through solar system.
Extra circuit breaker for safety and protection.
High efficiency inverters drive pumps equipped with high power induction motors
Utilizes the dynamic control method and maximum water pumping tracking.
Fully automatic operation. It can freely set speed range of pump based on the actual solar irradiation level.
Operation data can be logged for up to 8 years.
Intelligent power module with conversion efficiency up to 99%
Full electrical protection with water-level detection and control circuit to prevent overflow and dry extraction.

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